Free to Choose

The Truth about Vaccine Laws and Medical Rights


Free to Choose” is a feature length theatrical release documentary exploring recent mandatory vaccination laws. These laws contradict long standing constitutional rulings on the right to choose or decline medical care.

The film factually and comprehensively reports on controversial topics in an environment fraught with well-financed outside interests. To preserve factual integrity, the filmmakers seek independent funding through

We seek $750,000 to produce and broadly distribute this historic documentary with the intent to impact urgent policy issues.


The Issues

Are Vaccines safe? Yes, but not for everyone. According to FDA vaccine labels and safety warnings that report side effect/injury rates of 20-24% and classify vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe”. Some of our most vulnerable population are at the greatest risk for harm.

Can vaccines be forced upon individuals? Forced compliance has already been denied by Supreme Court rulings. While these rulings contradict implementation of enforcement, new state laws like California SB277 are poised to take effect shortly. This raises urgent legal, ethical and social issues.

What harm comes from forced compliance? Vaccine “enforcement” laws deny or dismiss individual medical needs in favor of single vaccination program. These programs find “herd immunity” paramount to all other concerns. Disregarding unique individual medical needs directly harms specific vaccine high injury risk populations. More than 60% of these targeted children are both high injury risk for vaccination and do not improve “herd immunity”. While medical exemptions exists, they do not practically support at risk children with chronic inflammatory, immunological conditions, or genetic sensitivities.

What consequences are there to declining vaccinations? Without full public understanding of the substantial injury or death to the already sick, disabled or hereditarily at risk children, the public creates social and practical penalties for lack of compliance. These include the effective loss of educational civil rights along with Federal services rights provided through the educational system.

Have we had an open debate on vaccines? Targeted information programs have overstated public disease risks and understated risks associated with forced vaccination of vulnerable populations. The issues are more complex and require fuller and broader understanding. The political forums that have created new laws are poor and incomplete in their consideration of the issues. Our task as the general public is to become better informed and demand legal reform through the political process. Secret bureaucratic actions influenced by special interests need to be exposed and corrected.

Are there risks in not forcing vaccinations? There is no simple answer to this question. However, we believe vaccines are over prescribed and some can be eliminated as unnecessary. Many vaccine arguments have been derived from the dangers of measles which to some extent parallel other transmitted diseases. However each disease varies in its current rate of exposure, virulence and the effectiveness of vaccination, and needs to be understood and addressed specifically. Diseases also vary in the risk they pose to the immunized population. Finally, every individual differs in their medical constitution and sensitivities. These factors must be weighed in determining the merit of exposure for at risk populations. To look at the measles example: essentially no American has died of the measles since 1992, while the CDC reports only 54 American catch the measles with 22 visiting the hospital. In the same period, 247 children have died from that vaccine, and over 1,250 annually require hospital emergency care or hospitalization.

What are the costs of forced Vaccination? Beyond the harm and risk from forcing children with disabilities or familial genetic sensitivities, the overly broad vaccine policies will cause unnecessary injuries and deaths by over applying certain low benefit to risk vaccines to the population. Recent forced vaccine laws are broad enough to cause unnecessary harm without the compensating merit while also costing taxpayers billions to implement and legally defend.

The Film

Free to Choose”  – examines numerous Supreme Court rulings prohibiting forced medications including vaccinations. It examines state and Federal Civil Rights laws prohibiting forced medical treatments, especially on disabled children.

Free to Choose” examines the discrepancies between safety and legal claims made by mandatory vaccination proponents and factual FDA labeling and safety mandates which carry the force of law.

Free to Choose” examines the question of propaganda.  Are there substantial differences between CDC data on infectious disease risks and media claims of disease danger?  Are these differences a result of bureaucratic and political agendas that do not serve the public at large? What are the real drivers of the mandate to force vaccinations on all children?

Free to Choose” seeks to clarify the vaccine safety controversy, using CDC published data, diverse, unbiased and broadly accepted and understood science concerning infection and current measures of disease in the US population.

Free to Choose” explores the extent that disabled and other medially at risk children are targeted by new laws. Are these children at greater risk for harm at the same time their vaccination contributes little to herd immunity? 60+% of the children targeted by California’s new SB277 law are disabled or chronically ill or genetically sensitive children who cannot have some vaccines for medical reasons.

Free to Choose” will conclusively answer the fundamental legal question for every American whether disabled or healthy: “Do you have the Right to decline any medical procedure simply because of your personal religious, philosophical, or medical objections?”

The Filmmaker

Ed Nemeth is the father of a severely disabled daughter, who, in spite of having all medically possible vaccines, is classified as “unvaccinated” due to her inability to tolerate whooping cough and chickenpox vaccine. Mr. Nemeth has been engaged with medical and disability legal issues throughout her life. He has produced medical DVD’s and sponsored a Discovery Channel medical special, as well as published peer reviewed medical research with the world renowned MIND Institute and Tufts Medical School. His education includes College Honors in Neurobiology. He helped develop a breast cancer diagnosis technology that remains the standard of care today, saving as many as 8-10,000 lives annually and designed a published autism treatment study that substantially improved all patients.


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