Ed Nemeth – Executive Producer, Director

Mr. Nemeth was active in convincing California Gov. Brown to add the “Religious Waiver” exemption to the AB2109 vaccine mandate bill by providing legal precedent and arguments. He also co-authored one of the most successful peer reviewed autism treatment studies in history – every child substantially improved.

Mr. Nemeth is a trained neurobiologist turned MBA/international entrepreneur who was Executive Producer of two medical DVD’s and two international medical symposia on treating pediatric brain injuries, and sponsored a Discovery Channel special on that subject. Mr. Nemeth founded a philanthropic pediatric medical foundation and a treatment clinic. Mr. Nemeth also co-authored 3 publications regarding a then new diagnostic technology for breast cancer that he researched, co-developed and helped commercialize. That technology remains the standard of care and saves 8-10,000 lives each year since 1986.


James Dixon – Executive Producer

Created and sold twenty-three television series and numerous specials during the past ten years as Director of Development at WATV Productions. Fifteen years successful experience as Executive Producer. Mr Dixon created, sold and/or produced TV programs and feature Films featured on National Geographic and Discovery Health Channels, Discovery HD Theater, TLC, ESPN, as well as Speed, Outdoor, and Velocity Channels and others.


Chris Lancey – Executive Producer

Mr. Lancey is a veteran of the television and media industries. Mr. Lancey serves as Chief Executive Officer for Creative Arts Entertainment Group (“CAEG”) where he has led the development, production, financing, and distribution worldwide of more than 2,500+ hours of original television programming and movies with cumulative production budgets in excess of $250,000,000 dollars. And also serves as a Director at Crescent Financial Services, Inc. where he oversees the company’s investments in the entertainment industry.

Mr. Lancey was CEO of Western International Syndication, a $12.7 BB worldwide TV production and distribution powerhouse and oversaw $12.7 BB sale of WIS to Initiative Media Worldwide.  Prior to the sale Mr. Lancey served as President of Western International Syndication from 1996 to 2000. Mr. Lancey led the company to record profits derived from Western’s core business of worldwide syndication and production of television programming


Lance Casazza – Executive Producer

Dr. Casazza is a habitual cheerleader for the underdog. He fell in love with “Free To Choose” when he heard Ed Nemeth speaking publicly on the project. “ ‘Free To Choose’ encapsulates my most cherished beliefs of supporting, defending and protecting the disadvantaged who cannot speak for themselves, especially disabled children, like Ed’s daughter.” Dr. Casazza served as the producer, director and star in the underdog story “The Long Road to Boston”, that followed one man’s journey to qualify for the Boston marathon to support the post-terrorist attack “Boston Strong”. He is also presently in negotiations on the sale of his underdog movie script “Beauty School”.

Dr. Casazza supports the cause of vaccine awareness and is not anti-vaccine, but pro-vaccine choice. To best advise chiropractic patients, Dr. Casazza conducted a deep study of vaccine medicine and supporting peer reviewed publications. These studies also compelled him to join the “Free To Choose” project. “Ed is right on in his assertions. Regardless of our personal beliefs, vaccines are a part of modern medicine. The issue is some people have sensitivities or deficiencies that others do not. One size fits all is a very dangerous proposition. Free To Choose will best enable us to regain our constitutional rights that have been taken away by vaccine mandates.”

Dr. Casazza is a practicing chiropractor for sports and wellness, and previously for semi-pro sports teams. He donates substantial time and effort for providing free chiropractic care to patients at the Wellspring Women’s Center.